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Helpful Hints for Traveling with A Toddler

Traveling with kids can sometimes feel like taking a three-ring circus on the road. Being trapped in a plane with strangers and a toddler is an exercise in endurance, let me tell you. There are a few things, though, that can make the trip easier. 1. Contact Your Hotel. Book a room away from the…

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10 Helpful Hints For Single Moms Who Start Dating

About a year ago, I made a decision regarding my single status - sort of by default. I asked a nice, smart, handsome guy friend from work to be a last minute date to a Great Gatsby Party. We had a good night and started to spend more time together during some evenings, after my…

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Helpful Hints For Parents of Sporty Kids

This post is in partnership with Tide and written by Jennifer Seigler. My boys are active! At almost any moment, you can find a child running, jumping or playing in my house. The boys love to be outdoors and they love competition! Sports are a big part of our lives these days with boys chasing…

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Helpful Tips to Get Pregnant

When you decide to have a family, it is both exciting and scary. Getting pregnant may be easy, or it can be a bit more difficult. Understanding your body and taking proper care of yourself can help you to get pregnant quickly and easily. Before you know it, you’ll be holding a positive pregnancy test and preparing for the wonder and joy of a new baby in your home.

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He Said, She Said: Helpfulness At Home

It’s January and in my job helping brands market to you, that means it’s time for experts to announce what the “new” marketing-to-moms trends will be for the new year. And every year for the past several, the “new” thing has been the same “old” thing: dads. A lot of chatter in the marketing-to-moms space…