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Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule

Hearing your infant wail as the result of a vaccination is not a welcoming sound to the ears of many moms, but the benefits of these vaccinations, in most mothers’ estimations, outweigh the temporary discomfort. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all children get immunized against a host of serious diseases. By electing to follow this suggested schedule, and getting your child immunized, you could play a part in keeping him healthy.

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Sunscreen Must Have Tips For Children

Please tell me Im not the only mom who is constantly slathering SPF 50 sunscreen on their face and body throughout the day, even in the dead of winter, when there is a blizzard outside. Call me crazy (or call me Casper) but I am terrified of sun damage. This may seem odd coming from a Southern girl that I could have been mistaken for the Coppertone baby throughout her childhood. Yes, I was …

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Halloween Safety Tips For Trick-Or-Treating

Child safety is always important, but it should especially be on the minds of all parents as we get close to October 31st. While teaching KidSafes Abduction Prevention lesson yesterday, the discussion turned to safety at Halloween and we were shocked by what some of these kids are allowed to do!

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High-Protein Diet Plan for Women

Women who decide to go on a diet may choose a high-protein one. High-protein diets have enjoyed popularity because of the ease in determining what should and should not be eaten. Though there are concerns about eating too much protein, especially if the protein is high in fat, a controlled, healthy high-protein diet can help women lose weight quickly.