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Popular Baby Names in the 1700s

Choosing a baby name is an important task. The name you choose today will be used by your child for the remainder of his days. Most parents choose the baby’s name before the baby is born. Whether you have an interest in all things old-fashioned or you just want to show your family tree’s roots, a name from the 1700s could be a perfect fit for your child. Many of the names popular in the 1700s are still popular today.

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My Husband Doesn’t Help With the Kids

Every mom alive would love it if parenting were a 50/50 proposition; however, in some unions, this is not the case. If you feel like the task of rearing your children falls squarely on you, you may be frustrated that you’re the only one shouldering the burden of caring for your kids. If you want your man to spend more time playing dad, try some simple tactics.

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Spanish Boy Baby Names

Naming your baby boy is one of the first important decisions you make as a parent. Tradition is a strong factor in naming first-born boys after their father. Spanish names share some equivalents in English, so satisfying different cultural preferences is possible. Demographic changes in the United States resulted in Spanish names climbing up the ranks of most popular baby-boy names in recent years.

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A Home Library for Your Children: Here’s How…

The best predictor of reading success is the amount of time children spend reading both in and out of the home. Having a variety of appropriate books at home in your own library makes sharing books convenient, interesting and enjoyable for children of all ages. Its never too early to begin developing your home library. Even the youngest infants and toddlers need books to promote literacy and language development. Home libraries do not have to be expensive. Its not about the quantity of books you have, but more importantly, its about the quality and variety of books to which your child will have access.

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How Parenting Styles Affect Children

Parenting styles range from permissive to authoritarian. While a wide variety of parenting can produce respectful and responsible adults, most of us strive to do more than provide adequate parenting. Making good choices about parenting styles and practices can help your child’s self esteem, behavior and success in life. As any parent knows, good parenting is all about choosing your battles and forming a good, strong and loving relationship with your child. The parenting style that works for you and your children is a critical part of forming this relationship.