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“Make Ahead” Meals for Busy Moms

The following is a guest post fromLaura Cipullo, RD, CDE and Mom,www.MomDishesItOut.com The Modern Mom – is there anything she can’t do? From shopping for healthy groceries to shuttling the kids to soccer practice, sometimes, it can be hard to imagine maintaining a career while also putting a wholesome, home-cooked meal on the table (at least three times a week at that!); and yet many of us do.

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Reboot Your Meal Planning

Unless youre a professional chef, were betting that one of the most stressful and frustrating parts of your week/day is meal planning. Finding a recipe, shopping for ingredients, chopping and prepping, not to mention the actual cooking part – it sounds exhausting before youve even started. Thats one of the reasons why so many time-starved people are starving for home-cooked meals. Its all just so time consuming.

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How to Calculate Nutritional Information

Nutritional information is provided on the packaged foods and beverages we buy from the grocery store. Produce and foods bought at specialty stores do not always come with an attached label, which makes figuring out nutritional values trickier. Moms who are trying to cook healthier meals for their families may be wondering about the nutritional values of their favorite recipes, and family’s favorite home-cooked meals. There are ways to figure out the calories, fat content, carbohydrate (fiber and sugar) as well as vitamin and mineral values in foods, with the right tools.