6 mins read

How to Stop Homework Havoc

The seasons are funny. We wish for the warmth of summer but after two months, parents are counting down to fall and the start of school – except that with the start of school comes HOMEWORK. Uck. You know, that stuff that turns your kids into weepy messes. Or tantrum monsters. Or defiant demons. They refuse to do it and you spend two hours screaming about it and then perhaps you even do it for them. Yes, you know who you are. We will get back to you in a bit. So how can you make homework time work better for you and your child? Here are a few tips:

3 mins read

Smart Phones are Smart for Homework Time, Too

When I was growing up, “homework time” looked like this: books and papers spread across the kitchen table, TV turned off and all other distractions kept to a minimum, including phone calls with friends (on the shared family phone with the eternally tangled chord). Mom-enforced. Fast forward several decades. Recently, I went upstairs to check…