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Tough Conversations with Kids: Honesty is Key

This article was written by Kelly McNelis, founder of Women For One Be honest with your children instead of sugar coating or avoiding hard topics Our kids are watching us all the time. If they see us avoiding hard topics, or backing away from the things that make us uncomfortable, we teach them to play it safe…

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Sometimes, Honesty Is NOT the Best Policy!

I recently received a distraught call: My daughter wants to know if the Easter Bunny is real. I dont want to lie, but I dont want to spoil her fun. Parents confront the dilemma of how much truth to divulge with questions at every stage of development: Do you promise youll never die?; Did you drink smoke when you were a kid?; Am I fat? You might be surprised to learn that there are no clear-cut answers. Despite the fact that being truthful with your child is important, there are times when not being fully honest is a better idea.

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Ditch the Grinch and Deck the Halls

‘Tis the season! That’s what all the billboards, advertisements, and email subject lines are saying right about now, anyway.  But ‘tis the season for what, exactly? The obvious answers are “giving” and “gathering” and “getting out the sparkly decorations.” There are presents that need purchasing and cards that need crafting; there are parties that require…