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Easy & Cheap Tips to Manage Dry & Frizzy Hair

Hair gets exposed to a great deal of daily wear and tear, in addition to the effects of some nasty environmental elements. Both the environment and personal habits can make your hair more vulnerable to dryness and breakage, unless you keep it in top condition. Hair needs nutrients and moisture, and when it doesn’t get enough of either, dryness, split ends and frizz are often the result.

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Vitamins for Hair Care

Your own mom probably told you to take your vitamins, and for good reason. Not only do vitamins help your body, but some also promote general hair shine and health, according to the Mayo Clinic and Marie Claire magazine. Taking the right vitamins can help prevent excessive hair loss and dull hair, especially as you age. Using vitamins as part of your hair-care regimen need not be expensive or time-consuming; you can usually gain a number of potential benefits by taking a single multivitamin every day.

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Ways to Defrizz Hair Without Buying Expensive Products

In addition to how it looks, frizzy hair makes your hair difficult to style. When you do not have enough moisture and protein in your hair, you get frizz, according to the Hair Care Hints website. Many women go for the quick fix of using straighteners or curling irons that literally cook your hair, or they will pile on the hair-styling products. These temporary solutions will only make your frizzy problems worse. You need to correct the problems that are causing your hair to be frizzy. You can do this without buying expensive products.

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Garlic Bulbs With the Best Flavor

Garlic’s power over vampires is debatable. What’s not debatable is garlic’s overwhelming aroma, powerful enough to ward off others. When you are preparing a meal for your family or friends, consider which type of garlic bulb you peel and add. Some have deeper, hotter flavors, while others are milder. If you want a pleasant meal, use a bulb everyone will enjoy.