5 mins read

Help! My House Is Overrun By Baby Gear

The truth is, babies don't actually need all that much. If you think about the work of a baby -- eat, sleep, poop, repeat --  the items required to accomplish those tasks are pretty minimal. So, where does all the excess stuff that fills the homes of new parents come from? Most of the items…

6 mins read

Puppy-Proof Your House: Pet Safety Tips For The Holiday Season

A lot of people find the holidays stressful… but have you ever considered that your pet might feel the same way? Imagine you’re only about eight inches tall and roughly 10 pounds. Now imagine that your world is suddenly full of new stuff, like strangely breakable colored balls hung from a giant tree and people you’ve never met before!

4 mins read

Shortcuts To A Cleaner House

They’re not kidding when they say a mother’s work is never done. Life sometimes feels like one long list of things to do, chores to tackle, and kiddy crises to tend to. It’s like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole - just as you finish one task, another one pops up unexpectedly. As your to-do list…

7 mins read

Building a House From the Ground Up

My husband and I have been talking forever about building a house from scratch. We bought the house were in now twelve years ago, before we had children. Its a great house, and its served us well, but weve outgrown it.

7 mins read

“Hideous Houses” Eric Stromer on How to Keep Your Home Beautiful

The best part of any home renovation show is watching the carpenters at work. It’s so amazing how they start with nothing but some pieces of wood, and end up with a one-of-a-kind armoire. They aren’t bad to look at either (no, seriously, do you have to be adorable to be a carpenter, or does being a carpenter make you adorable? These are the philosophical questions that burden me).