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Be Kind. Be Human.

Today didn’t set out to bad or good. Just a day, like any other, filled with work and things to do. I wasn’t expecting greatness. But I certainly wasn’t expecting sadness. And yet there it was, death — a little too close to home, hard to process, making my head spin. But while my head…

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Unconditional Love

When we see someone we feel is in need of help it can be heart wrenching to watch. It is human nature to start trying to help by controlling. Our hearts might be in the right place but too often our minds take over. This phenomenon can be seen worldwide with many of our foreign policies, but it is a large scale mirror of what happens frequently on the individual level.

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3 Ways to be Unconditionally Loving

Love isnt an ultimatum and it can never be a trade, there is only genuine fulfillment in unconditional love which means no giving your kids a treat for doing the dishes or having sex with your husband because he took out the trash (humans arent dogs). Genuine, unconditional love is given no matter what the actions or words of the other person are.

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How to Care for a Human Hair Wig

The decision to wear a wig often stems from a person’s desire to change her appearance or to cover thinning, balding or hair loss due to illness. Wigs have come a long way from the days when synthetic wigs looked artificial and frizzed easily. In fact, human hair wigs are now available that look and feel like a real head of hair. Human hair wigs are also less likely to frizz and are heat tolerant, which means that a wig can go from straight to curly with the use of a curling iron or hot rollers. The care of human hair wigs is minimal, usually requiring no more than a grooming every few weeks.