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Brooke’s Family Vacation Packing Advice

I was just watching a segment on the Today Show about relaxing on Family vacation That seems like wishful thinking with my brood- although that is exactly what I am hoping for. I never went on a family vacation as a child, so they are super important to me now. I think family vacations create memories that will last a lifetime. Its about quality time for us, checking out of our day-to-day routines, exploring different environments, and enjoying each otherbut only if they are organized! This goes for any trip btw (car trips, stay-cations, sleepovers, etc.) I do not want this summer adventure to be frustrating or exhausting so I am prepping everything I can.

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Juice Vs. Concentrate

When shopping for fruit juice, you may encounter a wide variety of options. Should you pick up juice that is “not from concentrate,” a frozen container of concentrate that you mix up yourself, or a carton of juice made from concentrate? There are a few differences among the three options. Your final decision depends on you and your preferences.

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What an Autism Parent Notices

What an Autism Parent Notices   This happens to me all the time. (I’ll assume this also happens to lots of AutParents.) I’m in a breakfast room at a hotel. I get up to get a spoon and I notice this seven or eight-year-old boy organizing the salt and pepper packets in the container. He’s…

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8 Tips For Getting Your Kids Packed for Summer Camp

The first year I sent my children to camp, I began preparations several months in advance. I ordered the camp logo items, purchased horseback riding boots, and soccer cleats (for a child who hates soccer and thinks horses are smelly), and had labels ironed or sewn into every last sock. Now, five years later, I pack two days before the trunks leave, and it couldnt be easier. Here are some of my tips for organizing for camp without the hassle: