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When the Bough Breaks: Ending the Stigma, Shame and Silence of Postpartum Mood Disorders

Contrary to the popular belief that pregnancy is a biologically protective and emotionally joyful time, women are actually quite vulnerable to a spectrum of psychiatric disorders throughout the perinatal period – the time around pregnancy and postpartum. This range of disorders, more commonly referred to under the umbrella term of postpartum depression, is more accurately reflected by the terms postpartum or perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs). In fact, 1 in 7 women who become pregnant will experience a mental health disorder during the course of their pregnancy or in the postpartum period, making PMADs the most common complication of childbirth. Additionally, 50% of women diagnosed with PMADs postpartum had an onset of their symptoms during pregnancy.

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ADHD Medication & Effects

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a condition that causes children to be impulsive, overly active or to have trouble paying attention and focusing. Some children with ADHD struggle with all three symptoms. If your child is diagnosed with ADHD, your doctor may recommend several treatment options. You and your doctor should set goals for the treatment, according to MedlinePlus, and re-evaluate it if those goals are not met.

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Birth Control, Acne Pills & Pregnancy

When you were a teenager, you hoped your acne would go away the minute you turned 20. Unfortunately, acne remains a problem for some women into adulthood. You may have severe acne constantly, or you may break out around your period. If acne remains a problem to you, several methods of treating it exist, including taking birth control pills or for severe cases, taking acne pills. Acne pills can present serious risks to women who wish to become pregnant, though.