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The Latest on The Mommy Wars

Why do moms need data to convince ourselves that there are myriad good (and bad) ways to raise children? After all, parenting is a quintessentially unique and personal undertaking. Every adult, even identical twin sisters, approaches motherhood differently. What I found in talking to hundreds of moms for my 2006 book Mommy Wars is that as…

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Up All Night: Meet the Twins Who Play Baby Amy

“Up All Night” is a clever and candid look at a couple attempting to adjust to life after baby. The hit comedy stars Christina Applegate and Will Arnett as new parents, and it’s funny… because it’s true. They argue about has gotten less sleep, attempt to relive their wild days on date nights without the baby, and try to maintain their relationships with kid-less friends (Maya Rudolph is hilarious as Applegate’s high-maintenance boss and best friend). But what about the real star of the show… baby Amy!

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Easy Handmade Craft Projects for Kids

Wake up your kids’ creative instincts with handmade craft projects that rely on common household materials. Packaged craft kits stifle creativity with their step-by-step directions that create identical projects. Whether you are designing craft projects as a summer camp or you are looking for a rainy day activity to keep your kids from driving you out of the house, a few simple craft supplies and the contents of your pantry and cupboard provide all the tools and supplies you need to create handmade craft projects your kids will enjoy.