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Fun Food Kid Games

Food is an instant game piece. Whether you are bored in the kitchen or are hearing the whines of under entertained children, open the pantry and the refrigerator and discover a roomful of entertainment. Food can be the source or theme of a host of games that will entertain you and your kids for hours. They will also teach your kids about the idiosyncrasies and nutrition of food.

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The Best Love Matches for a Sagittarius

As a Sagittarius, you already know you are lucky by nature, curious almost to a fault and are often described as the life of the party. You have tried dating, thought you found your perfect match a time or two, but it didn’t work out. Understanding what signs are most compatible with you as a feisty, outgoing Sagittarius woman can help you avoid heartache and find your soul mate.

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Baby Girl Hairstyles

There will be years of discussing and negotiating haircuts and hairstyles. In toddlerhood, she may snip some herself. In grade school, she might fight the bows. In high school, her hair might change colors. College may breed dreadlocks, but for now, you have control. Give your baby girl a look that you like.