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Seven Parent-Approved Games Your Teens Should Be Playing

The first question most parents ask when it comes to teens and video games is whether the game is appropriate. Video games are often stereotyped as violent, but more and more of them are challenging that old association. Many games feature complex, nuanced storytelling. They educate players about important topics like free will, gender politics and self-expression, and teach skills like improved visual processing, problem solving and fortitude. A growing amount of research shows that …

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Facts on Foreign Adoption

A foreign adoption, also known as an intercountry or international adoption, allows you to adopt a child from a different country. When done following proper procedures, the child becomes legally and permanently your child. Countries have their own set of guidelines and procedures, and you must follow the procedures established in both your country and the country of the adopted child.

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How to Trace a Family History

As your children reach grade school, sooner or later they are going to come home with an assignment to write about their family tree. Instead of cringing and looking for the nearest closet to hide in, use this homework assignment as an opportunity to introduce them to the generations that are their heritage. By tracing your family history and learning the stories of your ancestry, you can make this an enjoyable project for both your children and yourself, and–in the process–keep alive the memory of those who came before you.

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Coach Handbag: Authentic vs. Fake

If you love Coach handbags, you are not alone. Buying them, however, can be an investment. Its no wonder that many Coach shoppers will be tempted to buy one at a discounted price. The problem in doing this, however, is that you may well be buying a fake. This means that not only will you not be getting a bargain, but that you are being ripped off as well.