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Head Lice Remedies

Understanding the life cycle of head lice will help you understand how the various treatments options work. The female, which can live for up to three weeks, lays her eggs, also called “nits,” directly onto the hair shaft at the base of the head. Once attached, these eggs are difficult to remove, which is why just washing your hair does not work as a lice remedy. The eggs hatch six to nine days later and almost immediately start to bite the scalp for blood, their primary food source. Without proper treatment, the life cycle continues.

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Megan’s Law? It’s Only Half the Battle

Spend some time in any PTA meeting, Mommy & Me group, or even a playdate with friends and it isn?t long before the conversation turns into a worried discussion about Megan?s Law and the sex offender information that parents can now readily access with just a few clicks of their computer mouse. Parents everywhere are feverishly checking these websites, sometimes weekly or even daily, to see if a registered sex offender resides nearby. Unfortunately, there are a few flaws in this perceived ?safety net? that well-intentioned parents should know. Don?t get me wrong, I am a HUGE proponent of Megan?s Law and the information it provides. I strongly believe that once a sex offender has been released back into the community, the public has the absolute right to know their whereabouts. But? focusing solely on this component of child safety can do a serious disservice to our kids, IF we stop there.