4 mins read

Core Exercises for Women at Home

When you have a strong core, that is, strong abdominal, back and pelvic muscles, you are more likely to have good balance and will notice an improvement in your ability to perform other physical tasks, such as playing your sport of choice or simply have more stamina to go about your day. You can work your core without ever leaving home or buying any fancy, space-hogging equipment.

7 mins read

“Hideous Houses” Eric Stromer on How to Keep Your Home Beautiful

The best part of any home renovation show is watching the carpenters at work. It’s so amazing how they start with nothing but some pieces of wood, and end up with a one-of-a-kind armoire. They aren’t bad to look at either (no, seriously, do you have to be adorable to be a carpenter, or does being a carpenter make you adorable? These are the philosophical questions that burden me).

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Sleep Protects Important Memories

In a recent study, participants did activities including word recall tasks, locating objects, and reproducing sequences of finger taps, in an effort to discover the effect sleep would have on these memories later. Participants who were told they’d be tested on the tasks later remembered them better than those who didn’t think they would be tested after about 7 to 8 hours of sleep. People who weren’t allowed to sleep didn’t show any improvement in remembering the tasks, whether or not they thought they’d be tested.

3 mins read

Anxiety Therapy for Children

If you have an anxious child, you have one who is fearful and typically nervous. Many times, anxious children are too embarrassed to tell you the real problem, so when you ask, they might be secretive and tell you they feel sick, tired, or even that they are fine. If you do nothing to help an anxious child, he might start avoiding situations that produce the anxiety, which can result in isolating behavior, skipping school or drug or alcohol abuse.