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How to Increase Sex Drive When Pregnant

Your pregnancy can produce many changes in your life. The activities you used to enjoy may hold little appeal. Your growing baby, expanding belly and shifting hormones may affect your sex drive. Many women experience an increase in libido during certain stages of pregnancy, while feeling a reduced sexual desire during other stages. Although the reasons for your sex drive may range from physical changes to emotional stress, certain practices can safely increase your desire and your sexual enjoyment.

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How to Increase Your Sex Drive During Pregnancy

Your sex drive is apt to experience a number of highs and lows during the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, according to the Kids Health website. Plenty of myths abound that can cause any expecting moms libido to plummet, such as that sex is potentially dangerous for an unborn baby. Unless your doctor has told you specifically that you are at a heightened risk of miscarriage, you can enjoy sex while expecting. Keeping a confident attitude about your changing body and making a few changes are essential toward naturally increasing your sex drive.

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The Best Ways to Increase Sex Drive

If you’re finding yourself less interested in sex than you used to be, you’re not alone. According to Patricia Koch, Ph.D., of Pennsylvania State University, one in three women will experience a loss of sex drive at some point in their lives. Because there are a wide variety of medical reasons–such as high blood pressure, diabetes and medication side effects that can affect your interest in sex–the first and most important thing you should do is to have a complete medical checkup to be sure there isn’t an underlying medical cause for your lack of libido.

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Natural Ways to Increase Female Sex Drive

Hormonal changes in your body, such as going on the birth control pill or going through menopause, can cause your sex drive to dip. Other things, such as a lack of communication between you and your partner, your stress level and your emotional well-being can also decrease your sex drive. You may be able to boost your libido by making small changes in your lifestyle. If low sex drive remains a concern, talk to your doctor about other options.