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Pregnancy & Due Date

When you announce your pregnancy to the world, the first thing most people want to know is, “When are you due?” In fact, if you just found out that you are pregnant, this question may be at the forefront of your mind as well. Learn how to calculate your due date and what that all-important date really means.

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Why Is It So Expensive to Adopt a Child?

Once you start researching the process of adopting a child, you may be surprised at its expense. What seems like an act of goodwill or even charity can become complicated, time-consuming and expensive. However, reputable adoption professional and agencies have transparency when it comes to their fees, so you should be able to get an estimate of the range of your expenses, as well as the reasons for each one.

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Kids Home Birthday Party Ideas and Games

Planning a children’s birthday party requires finding an ideal location suitable for the day’s events. Parents often opt to host their child’s birthday parties at kid-friendly locations such as parks, recreational facilities and restaurants. Although these establishments offer many benefits, parents can host their child’s birthday parties at home and plan exciting games to keep kids entertained.