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Fruit Salad Recipes With Fewer Than Five Ingredients

Fresh, light and oh so tasty! Fruit salad is one of my family’s favorites! To make the perfect mix, start with the freshest fruit available.For crunch and a more savory flavor add your favorite nuts. (If there are nut allergies in the family, or to be on the safe side, use sesame seeds instead.) Then add a sweet dressing and you’re done! Here are five recipes for your next springtime picnic or impromptu brunch with the neighborhood moms – all made with just a few basic fruits: Berry-licious Fruit Salad

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Simple Inspiration in the Kitchen: 4 Ingredients

When the opportunity arose to review 4 Ingredients by internationally bestselling authors Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham I jumped at the chance! I could not wait to crack open the book and see how many recipe ideas the book would contain using only 4 ingredients, but most importantly would be well suited for my family. How many recipes would the book contain that I actually wanted to try in my own kitchen?

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Raw Minerals Makeup Ingredients

RAW Natural Beauty makes several makeup products that the company says do not contain harsh chemicals or artificial colors, preservatives or perfumes. The RAW Natural Minerals line consists of powdered products that include foundations, eye shadows and sunscreen. Some of the same ingredients can be found in each of these products.