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7 Baby Monitors Tested and Reviewed For The New Mom

As a a first time mom, there can be a lot of things that scare you. (Read: my story.) As soon as your baby is born, you come to the overwhelming realization that it's your sole responsibility to keep make sure baby thrives. This means feeding baby, changing baby, making sure baby naps and generally just keep an eye…

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How to Raise a Polite Child

Have you ever wished your little one hadnt blurted out that naughty word to his oh-so proper grandparents — an expletive he evidently learned when you accidentally slammed your finger in the door last week? Have you ever watched your child eat and, in horror, had to ask yourself, Did he just watch Animal Planet before this meal? Has your child ever done something so embarrassing that the only thing you can do is smile politely, apologize and glance around you with the I-want-to-crawl-in-a-hole-right-now look? Welcome to the club!

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In Hot Pursuit of the Booty Bag

As a five foot little Momma who popped out two huge football players, I jiggled, juggled and cajoled those babies on my hip long after they could walk. I knew that once the boys were released into the world, the days of clinging to Momma would cease, permanently. So I ignored a few dull aches…

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The Best Love Match for Sagittarius

Sagittarians run through life with unbridled enthusiasm, generally bumping into things and knocking them over. Anyone who has shared a close relationship with a Sagittarius can tell you tales of bruised feelings and trampled toes. Sometimes it seems that the natural place for the Sagittarian’s foot is in his mouth, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who holds it against him for long. Naturally buoyant, exuberant and good-hearted, Sagittarians attract admirers everywhere they go–and while they flirt outrageously with everyone, they trust their hearts to very few.

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The Closing Of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I began October covering Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention, and I would like to close October the same way. So, for today, I will be mentioning just a few incredible women who are making some amazing progress in the fight against breast cancer. Here they are, and here are their stories. These women certainly are not sitting on any fences when it comes to their relentless work on this complex subject. Evelyn Lauder