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10 Lifesaving Car Seat Safety Tips

The following is a guest post by Mitch Jawitz Rear-facing? Forward-facing? Middle seat? Installed at the right angle? These are all questions parents ask when it comes to child car seat safety. While we can’t keep accidents from happening, being better prepared can help prevent unnecessary injury to children. The following car seat safety tips can help you keep your kids safe on the road: 1. Children should be rear-facing until they reach the maximum height and/or weight listed for their given car seat model, usually about the age of two.

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How to Find a Family Dentist

A family dentist centralizes everyone’s dental care at one office. One dentist for the entire family often gives you a chance to build a more personal relationship. Picking a random dentist from the yellow pages is an option, but you’re taking a gamble. A more analytical approach to selecting a dentist increases the chances of finding a provider who works well for your family. The dentist’s personality, philosophy and location are just a few considerations.

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Failing Marriage Advice

People involved in a failing marriage have two choices: to try saving the marriage, or to end it. A marriage needs regular maintenance if it’s going to run smoothly. Like any other well-oiled machine, if it doesn’t get tended to regularly, then what started out as small cracks, dings and scratches can lead to damage that is much more serious. Issues in a marriage are the same way; small annoyances that are often swept aside because the couple is busy, frustrated, distracted or simply not paying attention can lead to problems that could compromise the happiness of your marriage. Protect the marriage before it begins to fail.

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How to Make a Safety Plan for Your Family

Is your family prepared for an emergency? Making sure you have a safety plan in place can make an enormous difference in the event that a natural disaster hits. In fact, your survival could depend on it. Especially since during a time of disaster, youre not likely to have time or be in the proper frame of mind to deal with the unexpected. Here are some ways to make sure you’re prepared: 1. Make sure youre able to receive warnings and updates, be aware of your areas street evacuation routes. There are different ways to receive warnings and updates:

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Our Journey

In high school, if you asked me what my future held, I probably would have said either doing intense volunteer work in a village in Africa for the rest of my life, or raising a huge family with the love of my life. I remember hearing about fertility treatments in high school. My initial thinking on the subject was, Oh no. I would never do something like that.