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Recent Insurance News for State of California

Here is recent important information for autistic Californians. The following information comes from Autism Deserves Equal Coverage. “Starting Monday, September 15, 2014, Medi-Cal is now required to pay for behavioral therapy for individuals aged 0-21. Please share this information with your networks to ensure that families understand their rights under this new opportunity. This a…

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How to Make a Safety Plan for Your Family

Is your family prepared for an emergency? Making sure you have a safety plan in place can make an enormous difference in the event that a natural disaster hits. In fact, your survival could depend on it. Especially since during a time of disaster, youre not likely to have time or be in the proper frame of mind to deal with the unexpected. Here are some ways to make sure you’re prepared: 1. Make sure youre able to receive warnings and updates, be aware of your areas street evacuation routes. There are different ways to receive warnings and updates:

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Take 15 Minutes to Make an Emergency Plan!

Do the blaring sirens of fire trucks and ambulances give you the willies? If youre like most people, that answer is a resounding yes. Nobody likes to think of emergencies, but they creep into all of our lives. Just watch the news and youll see coverage of homes torn apart by tornadoes, towns destroyed by hurricanes, and trees felled by lightning storms. And thats just the natural disasters. Anyone who lived through the harrowing images of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, DC knows that emergencies strike when you are least expecting them.