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Autism and the Police

Autism and The Police Please note: In this blog post, I want to discuss the interaction between an individual with autism and the police. I am aware of the treatment of black people by the police. I believe in awareness and education. With that in mind, I am in favor of some kind of restructure/retraining/education/defunding…

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Autism and the Community

Autism and the Community How do our kids interact within the community? What about their neighborhood? I have read stories about neighborhoods that complain about a child with autism. A few of these stories report that neighbors even go so far as to pressure the family to leave. I have also read (way too many)…

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How to Recognize Autism in Toddlers

Unlike many other disorders that afflict children, no chemical test can be performed to detect the presence of autism. Children are instead diagnosed with autism as the result of observations of their behavior. By watching how children interact with each other and the way they carry themselves, parents and medical professionals can detect and officially diagnosis autism. As a mom, you are on the front line of the autism war, as you will likely notice before all others that your child appears to be suffering. If you suspect that your toddler may be autistic, there are some characteristics for which you can watch.