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Tax Information on Childcare Deductions on a Tax Return

Too many parents don’t claim their full tax deductions for babysitting and related childcare expenses, according to Kiplinger. In some cases, at least one parent can cut their tax liability by hundreds of dollars. However, the Internal Revenue Service requires that interested parents not only practice careful record keeping in order to qualify for such deductions but also mandates that only certain types of childcare can be deducted for tax purposes. Learning the basic qualifications associated with dependent care tax deductions might save you money as well as unnecessary tax-related drama.

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5 Solutions to De-Stress the After School Schedule

In a recent KidsHealth survey, almost 90 percent of students said they felt stressed day in and day out. And so often, when kids are stressed, their parents are as well. Just as much pressure can be felt after the school bell rings as during school hours. If your after-school schedule feels more hurried, stressful, and complicated than you would prefer, try the following the solutions to make life a little simpler for you and your child: Reassess the After-School Schedule

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Tax Tips for Gifts to Charity

Although you donate gifts to a charity as an act of kindness, your charitable generosity may give you some much needed tax relief. Each time you make a donation, regardless if it is monetary, a service rendered or material items, make sure you obtain some type of record for your donation. When it comes time to file your tax return, pull out those records for the gifts you gave to charity throughout the year, and you could possibly decrease the amount of taxes you owe. Monetary Donations

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Why Is It So Expensive to Adopt a Child?

Once you start researching the process of adopting a child, you may be surprised at its expense. What seems like an act of goodwill or even charity can become complicated, time-consuming and expensive. However, reputable adoption professional and agencies have transparency when it comes to their fees, so you should be able to get an estimate of the range of your expenses, as well as the reasons for each one.

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Divorce & IRA Accounts

During the course of a divorce, any assets you and your spouse had will need to be divided. With the help of your lawyers or a mediator, you will decide who gets what property, how to divide your savings and how to divvy up the retirement accounts. Splitting up the 401(k)s and the IRAs is a bit trickier than simply dividing a regular savings account.