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Sleep Training for Your Baby

Ah, sleep the one thing all new parents covet about after bringing home baby. Some seasoned parents may warn you that you wont be getting sleep for a long, long time, but wed like to debunk that notion that sleep is a far away dream for new parents. It can be a part of your life with a little bit of discipline, planning, and maybe even a few little tears. But, if you commit to sleep training, soon those sleepless nights will be a distant memory, your baby will sleep through the night, and you and your sweetie will have evenings together again to rest and rejuvenate. Bring on the zzzzzzs!

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How Fast Should I Walk on a Treadmill?

Treadmills are a convenient, low-impact and easy-to-use workout option, suitable for both beginners and those with a more intense fitness routine. While walking routines on a treadmill are suitable for all fitness levels, faster walking can produce a more strenuous cardiovascular workout. Try slow and gentle walks, brisk power walking or interval training on the treadmill.

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How to Get Rid of Back Fat for Women

Excessive back fat doesn’t look so pretty. You may have a “spare tire” around your chest and back when you put on a bra. Your back fat may prevent you from wearing that knock-out dress you bought or from even putting on a swimsuit in the summer. When you diet and exercise to lose back fat, you’ll notice that the fat all over your body, including on your stomach, decreases as well. Toning exercises will build the muscle on your back, further minimizing the appearance of fat.