3 mins read

Different Kinds of Textures for Children

For better or for worse, kids love to touch everything. You can take advantage of this natural curiosity and teach your child about all of the wonderful textures that surround us. Experimenting with texture through thoughtful play provides a solid educational foundation in many areas. It teaches children about science and exploration, how to analyze…

21 mins read

101 Ways to Make a Difficult Divorce Easier on Your Children

The following is a list of things you can do to make your children’s lives easier after a divorce. Read these tips as reminders of what you and your co-parent should be doing to ease the stress of divorce on your children. Remember that the reason why you should do these things is that if you don’t your children will join the ranks of those who become emotionally hurt by the process of divorce.

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How Do Children Overcome a Fear of Water?

While the water proves an enticing playground to some children, others harbor a fear of water that makes the same shallow pool seem like a dangerous place for play. If your child is aquaphobic, or has a fear of water, you can help him overcome it. By both considering the reasons behind this fear, and dedicating yourself to the task of helping him overcome it, you can transform your water-shy kid into an aqua-loving little swimmer.