5 mins read

Why Don’t Moms Negotiate Better?

I’m often demoralized to overhear this criticism about working women: we don’t negotiate. People who deliver this judgment, in my experience, tend to be human beings with limited experience being female: accomplished men in white collar, managerial positions, who shrug off women’s lack of negotiating skills as if absolutely anyone with self-esteem is born knowing…

7 mins read

What’s In Your Inner Beauty Bag?

While Facebook is not the most comprehensive look at a persons life, you often learn a lot about priorities and patterns examining social media posts. Me? Youd learn that Im passionate about autism, my writing, my family and my friends. May sound like an amateur move, but I thought Id poke around the Facebook page of Felita Harris, Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Donna Karan New York, before diving …

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Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill

Utility bills add up to an average of $1,900 for most families in the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Lowering your utility bills gives you more money in the budget for other expenses while benefiting the environment by conserving fossil fuels. Some energy-reducing strategies are simple to begin immediately, while others take some time and upfront investment.

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Cooking From Bulk on a Budget

Tighter times are causing many people to return to simple, old-fashioned meals that have practical shopping and cooking strategies. Bulk cooking can cut your monthly grocery bill, the overall amount of time you spend in the kitchen and the grocery store in a big way. Whether you have a large or small kitchen and storage, bulk cooking can work for you. Here’s how to save big time and money: