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World Cancer Day: How You Can Get Involved

Did you know that cancer kills more people worldwide than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined? Today is World Cancer Day – an annual event organized by the Union for International Cancer Control to raise awareness for a disease that affects millions of people around the globe. Activists say the event is meant to help dispel the myth that cancer is only a concern for industrialized nations, rather than developing countries. The scary truth is that cancer rates are increasing in developing nations – for a variety of reasons.

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Remembering To Thank Everyone Involved in Your Child’s Life

Is it ever possible to thank all of the autism people who have been involved in your child’s life? We had a party on the day of our child’s first birthday. A friend mentioned something to us on that very day. Imagine your child’s very first birthday party, your only child. You’re so excited for that day. You’ve planned and worked hard so everything will be perfect. And, the day ends with you and your spouse pouring over autism-related websites wondering, “Is this my child?” That friend was the first in a long line of friends we’ve had to thank. But, how?

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Good News: Men Are Hard-Wired To Be Involved Parents!

Its always refreshing when the latest parenthood headlines focus on fathers instead of mothers. Last week, the front page of the New York Times read: Fatherhood Cuts Testosterone, Study Finds, for Good of the Family. Regardless of exactly why the New York Times editors consider this front page news, or exactly what the data shows, its inspirational that expensive research resources, and newspaper ink, recognize how critical dads are to raising kids. Unlike so many sensationalist headlines stirring moms guilt and our hormones, this headline suggests fairly that good parenting is not all about us moms.