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The Best Sunscreen for Acne-Prone Sensitive Skin

Sunscreen is a key part of any health and beauty regimen. If you have sensitive and acne-prone skin, finding a sunscreen that does not irritate your skin or cause breakouts is especially challenging. Some acne medications may even make sun sensitivity worse. Choose a sunscreen that does not clog pores, offers a high SPF and is hypoallergenic.

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Bare Escentuals Makeup Ingredients

The Bare Escentuals company creates products that do not just cover flaws but attempt to correct the flaws. Although Bare Escentuals produces several lines of makeup, among them Buxom and md formulations, the company is most known for its Bare Minerals line of mineral makeup. The mineral foundation and other associated products contain finely ground minerals as the key active ingredients and no fillers or preservatives.