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Autism and Sleep Issues

Autism and Sleep Issues I stumbled upon an autism-related article that discussed sleep issues among children with autism. Got me thinking about my son and sleep. What’s it like for us? As far as I’m concerned, even though my son has autism, he’s been a pretty good sleeper for most of his life. Not that…

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Drug or Alcohol Abuse Facts for Kids

Educating kids on the facts about drug and alcohol abuse can greatly affect whether they make a decision to try either during their tween and teen years. Children Now, a national organization dedicated to issues relating to children, suggests initiating the conversation with your child, listening carefully to his questions and feelings on the topic. You should also provide your children with a good example and be clear in your expectations.

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Autism and Coronavirus

Autism and Coronavirus I don’t have to explain too much about this title because we’re all in the same boat. Typical and special needs together. This virus doesn’t discriminate. What is my situation? My seventeen-year-old, my husband, and I are staying-at-home and socially distancing if we have to go out (for groceries, pharmacy runs, and…

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The Worst Gifts You’ve Ever Received

They say it’s really the thought that counts, and that you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth… but what if that horse has really bad teeth? We’ve all been there – smiling through gritted teeth as we profess great thanks for a truly terrible present. Madonna famously had a meltdown when she was given hydrangeas (everyone knows she prefers roses!). The Trojans got a giant wooden horse that led to the destruction of their city. That was definitely a bummer.