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Recovering from Vacation with the Kids

After one week back home from a month away on vacation we are finally getting back into the groove of city life again. It is glorious to be back. I love vacation and being away at the cottage with the kids and my family but when did summer vacation become so much work?! A month at a cottage with my kids was supposed to be relaxing. My visions of sharing a bottle of wine with my sister watching the sun set and the kids running ar

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Summer Vacation Ideas for Kids

Summer is looming, and with it comes that age-old question: What do I do with the kids during summer vacation? While most children look forward to summer with glee, the novelty of free time soon wears off, leaving them bored with nothing to do. By utilizing some local resources, you can find ideas for keeping your kids busy-and happy- during summer vacation. Before you know it, it’ll be time to shop for school.

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The Best Vacation for a Single Mom With Kids

Are you stumped looking for a vacation spot that fits your family and your wallet? Finding the best vacation for a single mom with kids can be difficult, but despair not. By following these quick tips you will be packing up your suitcases and forwarding the mail in no time. Remember, each family member has valuable input and taking that into consideration can make your trip low stress and full of fun for the entire family.