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May Astrology

Our galactic vessel has landed on the rocky shores of May 2013, and its strange territory indeed. Oh you may ask, what happened to those nice Druid Beltane and May Day festivals? This fracas of Saturn and Mars will start off the early days of this month with a clash of symbols, i.e. the impulsive son, whose restrictive and disciplinarian dad is taking him to task.

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January Astrology

Welcome to 2013, which adds up to a six year, the card of the Lovers, in the Tarot. Aside from the romantic connotation here, the lovers represents duality, and a kind of yin yang twinship. Six years are mostly concerned with the art and craft of relating, take this where you will, whether it be diplomacy in world affairs or interactions at a deeply personal level. I regret to say that I am a little …

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Preventing Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

During your first trimester, you may experience morning sickness, a feeling of nausea often accompanied by vomiting. Morning sickness earns its name because many pregnant women experience it upon waking up in the morning. It can occur at any time of day, though, such as after dinner or in the middle of the afternoon. Avoid morning sickness by paying attention to what triggers it.