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Being Your Family’s Documentarian

This job normally falls on the shoulders of Moms. Not only are we tasked with laundry, groceries, meal preparation and a host of other tasks but were also our families documentarian. It’s our little stories that will get passed down and shared, its the glimpses of our lives that we snap in a camera frame that will spur a memory of a treasured day and its likely our effort that will have a box of mementos in a linen closet to look through decades from now. I wanted to put together a list of tips to keep the job of documentarian fun and top of mind.

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Give a Hero a Home: The Rewarding Experience of Adopting Ex-Government Dogs

The holiday season is a time of love, warmth, and giving. While many people consider adopting a furry friend during this time, there is a unique and heartwarming option available – adopting a hard-working dog that used to work in government facilities. These remarkable canines have dedicated their lives to various federal agencies, assisting in…

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Back to School Must-Haves

Back to school starts now in my house even though all four of my kids are returning at different times. This year will be my most challenging school year yet. Four kids in three different schools with four different drop-off and pick-up times. Thankfully my youngest, Shaya, will still enjoy our beloved homeschool for two days a week. We decided to put him in a regular program three days a week so hell be with more kids as his sister is moving up to kindergarten.