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Maximize Your Money: Smart Moves for Your Tax Refund!

Excited to see that money coming into the bank account? Already thinking about how to spend it in advance? It's important to recognize that receiving a tax refund isn't just a stroke of luck; it's a sign of financial responsibility and diligent tax planning. However, it's crucial not to fall victim to spending frivolously. Instead,…

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Four Games to Keep Your Kids to Stay Active this Winter

Jill Vialet, Founder and CEO of Playworks, has been a recognized leader in the physical activity and play for the past 15 years. She recently addressed TEDxABQ on the moral imperative of building schools where all parents would send their children. Vialet is a proud mother of five. Play supports childrens social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Research on play concludes that play isnt just fun; children literally cant do without it.

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Family Weekend Vacation Ideas

Vacations are an important part of life. UT Southwestern Medical Center psychologist Dr. Ann Maddrey claims that vacations are necessary to help clear the mind and rejuvenate the body by breaking out of the regular routine. However, with a family, it is not always easy to coordinate more than a short weekend break. That should not mean all vacations need to go on the back burner. These family weekend vacation ideas are attainable for any busy family.

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How Do I Help Children Deal With the Death of a Close Loved One?

Death is a hard concept for adults to grasp and it produces a range of emotions that leaves many confused, sad and angry. The impact of losing loved ones has a similar, and sometimes stronger, impact on children, so it’s important for parents to step in and help their children deal with the death of close loved one. Whether your child loses a friend, relative, teacher or beloved pet, communication and open discussions are key to helping your child get through this difficult time.

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Ideas for a Great 14th Birthday Party

A 14th birthday party requires some thoughtful planning. Encourage your child to make some of the key decisions for the event, including the guest list, the timing and the theme, but make sure the ideas meet with your budget and your approval. Teenage birthday parties often contain the same elements as those for younger children, including decorations, food, cake and activities, but the elements are less cartoon and more “cool,” often with pop culture references.