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Lawn Tractor Recall

John Deere has issued a recall on about 5,200 lawn tractors. The D100 Lawn Tractor contains faulty hardware used to hold the brake assembly to the transmission housing. The hardware can break causing the breaks to fail and cause customers to lose control of the tractor. There have been no reported injuries to date.

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Laws About Surrogate Mothers

Through surrogacy, a woman carries a baby for an infertile or same-sex couple. Typically, an agency matches the parents-to-be and a perspective surrogate, who must agree on terms that might include payment to cover medical or living expenses during the pregnancy. Conception occurs via insemination, and the surrogate gives the newborn to the couple after delivery. In some states, the surrogate signs away her parental rights before the birth.

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Divorce Without a Lawyer

If you are thinking about getting a divorce without a lawyer, the first question you need answered is, if you can, and the second is, if you should. Although the courts in most states are open to the public, each state has its own rules for filing for divorce. Once you determine what the rules are in your state, you should know that getting a divorce without a lawyer could be risky.