2 mins read

Mistakes, Apologies and Lessons Learned

I recently dropped a comment on a selfie that a young woman I love posted on Instagram. I relayed the famous Carrie Fisher quote “youth and beauty are not accomplishments”. I didn’t think twice about it because it’s a line I use around my own children frequently when I want to remind them that they…

11 mins read

The Five Things I Learned In My Rookie Year Being A Working Mom

This Fall, I celebrated my first anniversary of returning to work after becoming a first-time mother. Ironically, in the same month, I started a new job. In retrospect, it's not a coincidence. They say the first year is the hardest for significant life changes. It's a period of unknowns, new obstacles, and inevitable mistakes made…

5 mins read

Practical Life Lessons I Learned From My Dad

My dad is a spitting image of Tim Allen – Tim Allen from Tool Time, hows that for dating myself? Was the name of the show Tool Time or was that just the show on the show? Either way, my Dad is that character, although Im not sure he would look as much like him, if their personalities didnt seem so spot on. When I asked my Dad if he knew what celebrity I thought he looked like, he said Pierce Brosnan (hes going to kill me for saying that). But hes kind of right, sort of, hes a Pierce/Tim hybrid, with all “Tim the Tool Time” personality.