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Can I Get Pregnant While Not Ovulating?

All the baby books tell you to have sex when you’re ovulating. That’s the basis of conception. One sperm fertilizing one egg means you’re parents. Following that logic, it makes sense that if you’re not ovulating, you won’t get pregnant. That logic, however, fails to take into account the longevity of sperm and the sometimes fickle nature of a woman’s reproductive cycle.

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When is the Rhythm Method of Birth Control Safe?

While jokes abound about the rhythm method, it can be a reliable method of natural family planning that prevents pregnancy effectively. Modern knowledge about fertility patterns and signs can help you to make good choices about when to engage in sexual activity and when to abstain, when you are using the rhythm method. To know when you are safe and when you are not, you need to know your own cycle and your body.

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Age Defense from Skinn Cosmetics

While it's easy to stretch the truth about our age, unfortunately our skin is always more truthful. Luckily a few products are out there that can help take years off overnight. Introducing Skinn Cosmetics’ Collagenesis Deep Wrinkle Protocol Youth Capsules. These capsules feature an anti-aging peptide inspired by the immortal jellyfish (the only organism known to have an…

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Growing Up With A Terminally Ill Mom

Growing up, I always knew my mum's lifespan was limited. My mother was born with a terminal illness -Cystic Fibrosis (CF). CF is a genetically inherited condition that affects the lungs, pancreas, liver and intestines. Ireland (our home) has the highest incidence of CF in the world! Unfortunately due to a particular bacteria in my mum’s…