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Elisabeth Röhm: Being a Mother “Lightens My Heart”

You may have seen Elisabeth Rhm’s beautiful face in “Law & Order” over the past ten years and you can see her in NBC’s “Heroes” as well, but this actress is known for more than her onscreen stints. She’s also a dedicated mom! This lovely German girl, who was raised in NYC, claims that she pined to be an equestrian before she fell in love with acting in college. After earning her degree, she scored a guest spot on the soap “One Life to Live” and followed that up with gigs on the WB and ABC.

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How to Lighten Your Hair a Few Shades

Lightening your hair a few shades can have big benefits, especially as you get older, says celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan in “O” magazine. You may think you need a dramatic change to make a big impression, but going just a few shades lighter can brighten your face and make you look younger. A subtle difference is also one you can pull off with a home color job, since dramatic changes require professional assistance to get right, says Hazan.