9 mins read

9 Things They Don’t Tell You About Labor And Delivery

Relatively speaking, I think I had a fairly easygoing pregnancy. Outside of some pretty bad morning sickness in the first trimester, I remained very mobile and went to work up until it was GO TIME. I didn't have swollen ankles, I wasn't uncomfortably big, and I felt more energetic than I felt tired. So towards the end,…

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Life Before Internet: 14 Ways WiFi Changed Our Lives

Whether you think life was easier back then, or better now, the Internet has created a sea change in the way we live our lives. Lets take a look at the way things were before the Internet took over our lives.When I was a teenager back in the 1980s, the Internet didnt exist. Imagine, people walking around without iPhones glued to their hands. There was no email, no texting, no Facebook. How …

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Coffee Chat With La La Anthony

Who doesn’t love thoselazy mornings when there’s no school, the kids are watching a movie or taking a nap, and we actually get to enjoy our cup of coffee and call up a girlfriend to chat!

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Soleil Moon Frye’s Happy Chaos Book Launch Lives Up To Its Name

Happy chaos reigned at the Soleil Moon Frye’s book launch party yesterday in Beverly Hills, with kids tumbling through the backyard, covered in glitter and frosting. The bash, which was hosted by Target, had countless activity stations set up for little ones – they could decorate cupcakes, glitter-paint picture frames, tie-dye t-shirts or put together wooden boats to sail around in the swimming pool. There were even a few “kid” activities that were fun for adults, like the henna tattoo tent and the hair feather booth.