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Organize Your Weeknight Meals

What do you find the most difficult to get done in your day? If you asked most people, many would answer: mealtime. From deciding what to cook, shopping for the ingredients, prepping, cooking, and finally, cleaning up, it can all seem so overwhelming. That is one of the reasons why we all have become dependent on take-out and fast food. Dial-up delivery is no longer a treat, but a mainstay in many homes. If youre working full time, its easy to let yourself off the hook, but its not that hard to prepare a simple, healthy, and inexpensive meal for your family.

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How to Organize a Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Years ago it was a common practice to send kids out into the neighborhood on their own, even at night, for a scavenger hunt adventure. Today scavenger hunts are still a popular birthday party activity, but parents need to take certain precautions and make some arrangements ahead of time to assure kids’ safety. With this in mind, a scavenger hunt can make for an entertaining and memorable birthday party for kids in elementary and middle school.

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How to Eat Organic on a Budget

Consumers, for the most part, are aware of the benefits of consuming organic foods, including a reduced chance of ingesting toxic chemicals and pesticides. The problem is that many organic products come at a steep price. It can be challenging to integrate more than a few organic foods into your diet, but with some creative planning, it is possible to eat organic on a budget.

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Disadvantages of Organic Food

Organic food has become an enormously popular trend, with even places like Wal-Mart and Costco selling some organic products. While most people concur that organic food tends to be more healthful, it does have some disadvantages. Before you go all-organic in the kitchen and household, consider when it pays to shop organic and when it’s better to opt out.