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Ideas for How to Decorate a Living Room

Many homeowners spend significant amounts of time living and entertaining in their living rooms. To ensure that your living room serves as an aesthetically pleasing place to do both of these things, take care when decorating this space. By creating an area for gathering, and placing uncommon, attention-getting accents in your living room, you can set it apart and make your primary room to live in more distinctive and reflective of you as a designer.

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Living with Mother

This morning on the Today show the representative for the family of actor Corey Haim, recently deceased from a drug overdose, said something like this, We want to correct a miscommunication about Coreys mother. She was living with him, not the other way around.I thought to myself, yet another case of someone who doesnt want to be perceived as God forbid living with mother as an adult.

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Exercises for Muscle Building & Toning Without Equipment

Gym memberships are expensive and workout equipment is hardly conducive for small living spaces. Fortunately, you do not need a Pilates machine for muscle building and toning. Many exercises can be completed at home without equipment, and the results are a completely sculpted body. Perform these exercises several times a week on non-consecutive days. For the fastest results, do each movement until you feel like you are unable to do one more.

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5 Dream Destinations for Your Second Honeymoon

Ill be completely honestmy honeymoon, nearly 20 years ago, wasnt all that great. I was sick in bed with the flu the whole first week on Kauai. The second week, my husband and I decided to try our hand at windsurfing on Maui. While I was feeling better, it was grueling. We ended each day bandaging our blistered hands (a side effect of gripping the boom when youre a beginner windsurfer …