3 mins read

Advantages of Organic Food

Organic food, once regarded as part of hippie culture, is quickly gaining in popularity and commanding larger sections in local supermarkets. Even big business wants a part of the “green” as they race to create products that are more environmentally and health-friendly. The advantages of organic food are many. While some consumers might buy organic food strictly for its health benefits, others support the organic movement for environmental reasons and animal rights. Lastly, there are those who just want to see their local organic farmers thrive.

6 mins read

Healthy Raw Food Snack Ideas

Our seven-year old daughter enjoys eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. What’s so strange about that? Absolutely nothing! Except thats all shes eaten since she was weaned off of breast milk. Perhaps the strange part, if there really is one, is that not only does eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds seem perfectly normal to our daughter, but also that we had to go to great lengths to explain why some people choose to eat other fare.