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5 Ways to Get Your Kids Back on Track for School

Getting your kid ready for back to school can be a daunting task. Check out our free downloadable checklist (see link below) for getting ready for back to school. It will help you get organized in a sane way for that first day of school and starts a month before school and goes up to the first day. Additionally, follow these 5 steps to make getting organized for school a little easier:

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How Close to My Period Is it Safe to Have Sex?

Sex without condoms feels better for both men and women, but you risk pregnancy–and sexually transmitted diseases–when you don’t use them. If you are not using hormonal birth control and want to limit your chances of getting pregnant without using condoms, you need to time your intercourse correctly. Using fertility awareness, you can use condoms only when you have a higher chance of conceiving.

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Good Ways for a Teen to Lose Weight

Excessive weight is a problem for more than 12.5 million children in the United States, reports WebMD. If your teen is struggling to beat the bulge, you can be instrumental in her ultimate success. While broaching the subject of weight can be difficult, tackling the issue will ultimately be beneficial to your teen as weight loss efforts can improve both her physical and mental health.

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How to Lose the Last 10 Pounds of Baby Weight

Even though most of your baby weight seemed to melt off easily after your baby was born, it’s not uncommon to have 10 stubborn pounds still hanging around, despite the fact that you exercise and eat well. If you lost the initial baby weight by cutting your calories and adding exercise, your weight loss may have slowed to a halt because your metabolism has slowed to make up for the loss of calories, according to Dr. Barry Levin in “Fitness Magazine.”