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101 Ways to Make a Difficult Divorce Easier on Your Children

The following is a list of things you can do to make your children’s lives easier after a divorce. Read these tips as reminders of what you and your co-parent should be doing to ease the stress of divorce on your children. Remember that the reason why you should do these things is that if you don’t your children will join the ranks of those who become emotionally hurt by the process of divorce.

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ModernMom Chronicles: Chapter Thirty Five

Heather reads to her husband from the flight magazine. Santa Fe is dry but prone to weather changes. Michael nods. We should move there when the kids are grown, Heather says. Sounds like the perfect place for a menopausal woman. Now we are discussing retirement, Michael says. I guess you really did need to spend the night away.

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Rivers, Bluegrass and Gold – A Northern California Roadtrip

Our family of four headed north from our home in Santa Monica in our loyal 2002 Volkswagen Van to visit San Francisco and explore the North California Coast up to the Redwoods of Mendocino and across the central valley of California to the historic gold country along Highway 49: Nevada City, Downieville and the Yuba River.

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Social Development and Bullying

Conflicts with Close Friends So, lets talk about those close personal friendships – kids will experience more conflicts with close friends than acquaintances. When our friend says something or does something to hurt our feelings it means a lot more than if a stranger did the same thing. Im sure we can relate to that. But, your childs ability to resolve conflicts will mature as they grow older and these challenges are part of that maturation.