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The Top Pregnancy Magazines

During your pregnancy, you’ll want the best advice you can get. Since you can’t call you doctor 24 hours a day, a great way to seek out advice is to read magazines devoted to pregnancy. Many pregnancy magazines also offer tips and advice to help you get through the early years of child-rearing. Whether you’re on your first or fourth pregnancy, it may be worth your time to read a magazine or two. You may be able to find some at your OB/GYN’s office.

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Common Cold Treatments for Children

On average, children catch a cold between six and eight times each year, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center. Children don’t literally “catch” colds, of course, but upper respiratory infections are extremely contagious and common, especially in kids who attend daycare or school full-time. Colds are not usually serious. Most are easily treatable with home remedies.

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Kitchen Cleaning Items

As the heart of the home, your kitchen deserves tender loving care when cleaning. Give your kitchen a daily once-over and then a deep clean at least once per week. Plenty of commercial cleaning products are available as well as common household items you can use to keep your kitchen spotless and ready for the next family dinner.

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Why Organic Crib Mattresses?

During the nesting stage that many pregnant women experience, expecting moms usually start evaluating the home and making plans to get everything into the best condition possible for the baby’s arrival. However, many women fail to think about one of the main things that will affect their babies’ health for years to come — the crib mattress.

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The Best Cookie Recipes That Kids Love

If you want to please cookie-loving kids, leave the biscotti and tea cakes on the shelf. Those dry, sophisticated adult treats just don’t make the grade with kids who adore ooey-gooey chewy cookies just like your mom used to make–if you were lucky. The cookies that kids love include those with practically foolproof recipes so they can pitch in with the mixing, scooping and rolling–because the only thing better than fresh-baked cookies is fresh-baked cookies that they helped to bake.