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Tips on Wedding Makeup

Planning for your big day can make you happy, giddy and more than a little stressed. In addition to planning the reception, organizing the attendants, fitting your gown and reserving the building, you may have little time to think about your makeup. Don’t skimp on this area of planning. After all, your wedding day may produce more photos of your lovely face than on any other day in your entire life. Although makeup is an important consideration on your wedding day, planning to look your best on this special day doesn’t require large amounts of time or money.

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Top 10 Classic Summer Flicks for Family Night

Your kids wont want to leave the house to hang out with friends if youre playing any one of these movies on family night! Some are good for the little ones while others are more appropriate for older kids and teens. The rating is listed next to the movie so its up to your judgment. Your favorite summer movie not on the list? Leave a comment below and tell us what it is. Here at 10 classic summer-themed movies for your family to enjoy (in no particular order). Grab one of these classic flicks, whip out the popcorn, dim the lights and press play.