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How to Read QuickVue Pregnancy Test Results

When you are pregnant, you and your baby join together via an organ known as the placenta. The placenta produces a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). The presence of hCG in your body is detectable in your blood stream and in your urine. The QuickVue pregnancy test, manufactured by Quidel Corporation, is a one-step urine test that only requires three drops of urine in the sample well to produce a result.

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10 Minutes to Uber-Immunity!

As my 46th birthday approaches, in many ways I feel healthier than I did when I was 22. No, I can’t stay out till 4am and go to work the next day. Nor can I eat whatever I want and weigh 10 pounds less than I do now. Yet despite being healthier in many ways, I’ve been getting some bug or another every year for the last few years — and it knocks me out for days. This after not being sick for almost 20 years! What’s the deal?

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Graco Recalls 3.7 Million Child Car Seats

In one of the largest recalls of its kind, the baby product company Graco has recalled more than 3.7 million child car seats and is contesting a government request to recall nearly 1.8 million more, according to CNN.What’s the danger? An issue with the harness buckle that can be difficult to unlatch or get stuck entirely. This can make it difficult or impossible to remove the child quickly in an emergency …