3 mins read

Ideas for How to Decorate a Living Room

Many homeowners spend significant amounts of time living and entertaining in their living rooms. To ensure that your living room serves as an aesthetically pleasing place to do both of these things, take care when decorating this space. By creating an area for gathering, and placing uncommon, attention-getting accents in your living room, you can set it apart and make your primary room to live in more distinctive and reflective of you as a designer.

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Green Ideas for the Home

You do not need to live in a home built of re-purposed materials and lined with solar panels to go green. Small changes in your daily habits, home decor and landscaping have a dramatic impact on energy and water consumption, as well as the reduction of chemical use in your household. If going green feels overwhelming, begin with implementing one green idea for the home per week, such as switching from paper napkins to cloth napkins, and proceed from there.