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When Girl-Power Marketing Accidentally Does the Opposite

A few weeks ago, start-up toy company GoldieBlox posted this video and the interwebz exploded, as they say.And at first, all caught up in the cuteness of the three little actresses and the cleverness of the way the brand altered the lyrics to Beastie Boys song Girls to accompany this spot (apparently without the Boys permission, but thats not the point), I got excited watching it.And then like a mosquito bite on …

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Sustainable Fashion: Interview With LISSA the shop Founder

Glamorous to many, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world. Not just because of the widespread use of pesticides and herbicides to treat textile crops, or the toxic coloring methods that eventually runs off into rivers, but because the fast-fashion industry promotes disposable fashion, cheap clothing that ends up in a landfill sooner rather than later.