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How To Have A Kid-Friendly Family Vacation In Italy

Now that my kids are able to pull their own suitcases and keep themselves entertained for long stretches of time, we’ve begun taking them on trips to different parts of the world something I’ve been waiting to do since the day they were born.Whenever I plan a trip, I spend a lot of time online doing searches for things to do with kids wherever were going to be. Invariably, I find …

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The Official Guide To Lunchbox Beverages

To juice box or not to juice box that is the question. School’s back in session, and I can almost guarantee that for the next 187 days, one thing you’re going to be thinking about is your kids lunch box and whats going inside of it! I usually start thinking in my head the night before, wondering what exactly I am going to put in my sons lunch box that’s A. healthy, B. nutritious, and the all-important C. hes going to eat! Well, let me absorb part of your concern right here and now, and give you one less part of the lunch box to think about: what your child drinks!

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Vitamins for Perimenopausal Women

Most women spend several years in a transitional stage before menopause called perimenopause. During this transitional time, their bodies move from having regular monthly periods to no longer having cycles, thereby, becoming infertile. Maintaining health during this transitional period helps your body adjust to the changes. Getting enough of certain vitamins through nutrition in foods or supplements will keep your body strong, while reducing perimenopause symptoms.